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TechnoPeasant \-, tek-no-pez-ant\ n ; a person who tries to make use of make use of technology to improve his or her life, only to be stymied by idiotic user manuals, nonplussed technical support staff or poor design.
If you fit the definition, then this is a place for you. Not because there's much in the way of help, although there are some insights hidden within the articles on this site. This is the place for you because within these articles you'll find the true tales of a human who, despite his best intentions, experience and knowledge, continues to struggle with technologies that are supposed to make life easier, and yet, do not.

As many of these articles were originally published in The Medical Bulletin, some are more involved with healthcare than others. Still other columns have appeared in Executive Update, Chiropractic Economics and other publications. If there's any single theme to this collection of articles, it is that there are some amazing technologies out there and some seemingly unusual circumstances that can inhibit their adoption.

Jeff Pasternack is The TechnoPeasant. If you have questions about technology or comments about this column, please write to him at These articles may not be re-used or reprinted without the author's written consent. Dynamic Consulting Group, LLC.1998-2005.