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I'm probably like you in that I buy technology products because I think they will make my life better, or help me perform some task in a better, more efficient way. I too fall prey to the marketing babble about most of these products. Whomever coined the term "Plug-n-Pray" sized up my sentiments exactly.

Around the end of 2003 I became interested in the intersection of privacy and technology, so you'll see quite a few pieces about that. Don't be dissuaded by the fun article titles as these are serious issues. I generally have no pre-planned list of things about which I intend to write. The only thing that guides my writing are my experiences and chats with others. Oh, and exasperation. Lots of that.

The only thing that determines the frequency of my writings are the editors of fine publications like The Medical Bulletin, Executive Update, Association Trends, Chiropractic Economics, ASAE's TechnoScope, MSAE's Association News and other publications in which this column is printed. In general, I write one column per month, 1000-2000 words, with most hovering around 1000 or so.

I also lecture around the country about a wide variety of technology-related issues and you can learn more about that here.

If you like my style and want me to explore anything in particular, drop me an email or a call at 301-610-6666. If you want to reprint any of this material, do the same. Otherwise...have a happy day!

Jeff Pasternack is The TechnoPeasant. If you have questions about technology or comments about this column, please write to him at These articles may not be re-used or reprinted without the author's written consent. Dynamic Consulting Group, LLC.1998-2005.